October 26, 2013

News Flash: The Grand Victorian featured on TV Monday October 28, 2013

The Richardi House (aka The Grand Victorian) is being featured on an upcoming "Destination Michigan" TV special.  This Monday's 30 minute segment will be showcasing 2 popular area attractions, Bellaire's Richardi House and the Acme Music Museum. 

SHOWTIME: 7:30PM Monday October 28 2013

CHANNEL: WCMU  (available thoughout Michigan, check your local listings.)  

WCMU is a PBS station located in Mount Pleasant Michigan and Destination Michigan is their popular TV series featuring historical properties and influential people of Michigan. 

The WCMU video team was in Bellaire last May to record the program.  The segment will focus on the story of Robert and Henry Richardi (father/ son) who cultivated incredible growth in Antrim County by designing and manufacturing their world class woodenware products in Bellaire.  A display of their household utensils was awarded first place at the 1893 Columbian Exhibition World's Fair in Chicago and is on display in Bellaire's local museum.  The Richardi's owned over 100 patents, were an early adapter of Edison's electrical power, installed a water works facility, and were key to developing the infrastructure in and around the village of Bellaire.    

Shortly after inheriting his dad's (Robert) factory in 1895, Henry built an incredible Queen Anne Victorian home hoping to lure his girlfriend from Germany and into marriage.  The TV special will highlight the story around the Richardi family and their impact on Bellaire and northern Michigan.  

As friends of the Grand Victorian B&B, we invite each of you to take some time this Monday and enjoy the program!    

August 21, 2013

Northern Michigan's 2013 Area Queen Event

Ducky Festival Bellaire Michigan
The third Saturday in August is Bellaire's Annual Summer Festival which provides Northern Michigan's finest Queens a last chance opportunity to don their royal clothing and get aboard their festive floats.  For many their reign is drawing to an end and the ride through Bellaire is truly reflective.  As the parade route ends, the Grand Victorian becomes a most fitting venue for these promising young people to mingle,  share, and discuss future plans.  Some are off to college, some to new jobs, some returning to area schools, but certainly all are enjoying the festive moment of this day.  After a light lunch and refreshment, picture taking rules as they mingle about the house and decorative grounds.   The newly crowned National Cherry Queen, Sonya Sayler of Elk Rapids, provided great inspiration to the young people in attendance as the event drew representatives from many northern Michigan locations such as Bellaire, Mancelona, Kalkaska, Central Lake, and Elk Rapids.    As always, it is great to spend time with these young ambassadors and see the positive impact they are having on the local community and the State of Michigan. 

Enjoy the following photos taken during the event and please join us in wishing these fine young people a fantastically awesome future! 

Northern Michigan Queen Event 2013
2013 North Michigan Area Royalty

National Cherry Queen
- 2013 National Cherry Queen -
Sonya Saylor graces the front porch 
National Cherry Queen
Arriving in Style

Mingling in the Parlor

A great setting for royalty
Rubber Ducky Mascot
Hi Linda - We know you're in there!

One of many beautiful floats

August 07, 2013

Baked Egg dish is a big hit!

From the Grand Victorian Kitchen:
- Ramekin Baked Eggs
Linda wants to share her Baked Egg dish with our blog buddies.  This simple to make recipe is always a hit with our guests!  Please give it a try and let us know how well it works for you. 


Special bakeware:
Four 6 to 7 inch Oval Ramekins
4 Tblsp butter
8 large eggs
8 Tblsp heavy cream
½ tsp pepper
8 Tblsp shredded parmesan cheese
Chervil seasoning

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Coat inside of each ramekin with 1 Tblsp butter. 
Break 2 eggs into each ramekin. 
Put 2 Tblsp of cream over the eggs which should about cover them. 
Spread about 2 Tblsp shredded parmesan cheese over the eggs. 
Sprinkle with Chervil and pepper. 
Bake at 375 degrees for 12 - 13 minutes until the egg yolks are done and the whites are fully set.  

Add some garnish, toast and a couple of sausage links and you have a great tasting twist on an All-American breakfast.  Enjoy!

Yield:  4 servings of 2 eggs each

July 01, 2013

Food and Decorating idea for 4th of July

Three easy things to spice up your early holiday breakast
Happy 4th of July!  Linda wanted to share some fun food and decorating ideas we've employed here at the Grand Victorian.  The above picture shows some easy, yet colorful patriotic attention grabbers.  Linda's "Independence Day Waffle" is very popular.  Simply place a waffle on a plate, add fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries and some fresh homemade whipped cream - VOILA!  A second idea is a simple themed fruit dish with fresh sliced strawberries, plump blueberries, sliced bananas topped with fresh whipped cream and a spoonful of crunchy granola.  As for the table, get creative with the partriotic theme using flags and small silver streamers with colored stars attached.  Careful, not too busy - the food should be the center of attention.  This time of year, most decorations are easily found at your local Grocery, Target, or Walmart.  For a final touch, add a small candle to the waffle center and carefully deliver the themed masterpiece to the anxiously waiting guest.  Enjoy!

May 27, 2013

Memorial Day - A Day to Remember Our Heros

Remember Our Heros!
Happy Memorial Day 2013.  The Grand Victorian Salutes all those who have served and are now serving to defend our great country and principles.  We all know them. Take some time.  Give them a call. Thank them.  May this Memorial Day bring great appreciation of a job well done! 

December 22, 2012


Grand Victorian Christmas Card
1989 Christmas Card
Grand Victorian Christmas

Christmas Greetings from Ken and Linda and Grand
Victorian B&B!   For us that survived yesterday's 'End of the World', we want to wish you a wonderful Holiday and a Merry Christmas!   Along with our best wishes, please allow us to share some pictures of Christmas past with you, including an old Christmas Card when the B&B was known as the Richardi Bed and Breakfast.  We believe the card was crafted by past owner Barb Richards back in 1989 - .  Great Job!

Victorian Christmas Tree
Victorian Christmas Tree

November 21, 2012

Popular Holiday or Christmas Gift - We Offer 'GRAND' Gifts !

Christmas gifts
Custom gift card included!
A stay at the Grand Victorian makes a wonderful gift for that special someone!  Whether a loved one, parents, relatives, or  a co-worker, why not gift them true pampering at its finest? Our gift certificates can be purchased for a complete stay or for a specific value - your choice. Either way, the recipient will treasure their experience at the award-winning Grand Victorian B&B - fondly remembering your thoughtfulness for a long, long time!

Your order is sent  ready to present complete with custom greeting card, envelope, and an attractive  high-quality color brochure.

Order today online or call us at 231-533-6111