Northern Michigan's 2013 Area Queen Event

Ducky Festival Bellaire Michigan
The third Saturday in August is Bellaire's Annual Summer Festival which provides Northern Michigan's finest Queens a last chance opportunity to don their royal clothing and get aboard their festive floats.  For many their reign is drawing to an end and the ride through Bellaire is truly reflective.  As the parade route ends, the Grand Victorian becomes a most fitting venue for these promising young people to mingle,  share, and discuss future plans.  Some are off to college, some to new jobs, some returning to area schools, but certainly all are enjoying the festive moment of this day.  After a light lunch and refreshment, picture taking rules as they mingle about the house and decorative grounds.   The newly crowned National Cherry Queen, Sonya Sayler of Elk Rapids, provided great inspiration to the young people in attendance as the event drew representatives from many northern Michigan locations such as Bellaire, Mancelona, Kalkaska, Central Lake, and Elk Rapids.    As always, it is great to spend time with these young ambassadors and see the positive impact they are having on the local community and the State of Michigan. 

Enjoy the following photos taken during the event and please join us in wishing these fine young people a fantastically awesome future! 

Northern Michigan Queen Event 2013
2013 North Michigan Area Royalty

National Cherry Queen
- 2013 National Cherry Queen -
Sonya Saylor graces the front porch 
National Cherry Queen
Arriving in Style

Mingling in the Parlor

A great setting for royalty
Rubber Ducky Mascot
Hi Linda - We know you're in there!

One of many beautiful floats


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