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Royalty comes to the Grand Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Bellaire Michigan

August marks the annual "Rubber Ducky Extravaganza" here in Bellaire Michigan. Every year, the Village rolls out the welcome mat inviting travelers from near and far to enjoy the festivities designed to entertain young and old. A short walk through town provides an abundance of food, shopping, games and music which leaves no one disappointed. Certainly the highlight of the week long party is the "Race of the Ducks" along the Intermediate River, but a close second place has to be the gathering of some of the northern Michigan's finest, prettiest, and most promising young women as participants in the annual ‘Rubber Ducky Parade’ through town. At the end of the parade route, the royalty disembark from their respective parade float to enter the Grand Victorian grounds for the popular Queen's Luncheon.
Since 2004, Leigh Carpenter and her volunteers have seen the event grow from a dozen to over 50 area delegates!
This year’s event saw representation from Bellaire,…

Traveling Gnome comes to the Grand Victorian Bellaire

On June 16 we had an unexpected visitor at the Grand Victorian. Turns out a traveling Gnome accompanied Bruce and Mary Nielsen for the night. The Gnome loves to travel and wants its picture taken along the way. As a result, he's been pictured at many fine restaurants, parks, riding motorcycles, driving exotic cars, ...and now, here at the Grand Victorian! In the above picture he is seen joining our guests for breakfast. You may notice he's a little groggy. Just the night prior he spent several hours entertaining on the bar at our local Short's microbrew pub. Anyway we thought it'd be fun to share a couple of pictures of the gnome and his traveling companions. Enjoy!