What we did on our Winter Vacation...

We-'re ba-a-a-c-k! We arrived back in Bellaire Michigan a week ago and Ken immediately had to pack up to attend a one day Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association Board meeting on Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City. Fortunately the drive was not far, only 50 miles. We had a wonderful time meeting other innkeepers and board members while attending to the Association business needs. A nice way to adjust to being back in Michigan...
During our winter vacation we visited our daughter, son-in-law and two grand children in Denver for a couple weeks. Here is a picture taken of our precious grandkids, Emersen and Csaba. Csaba knows the routine of picture taking (cheeeese!) while Emme seems to be asking "Where?".

Emme and Csaba

We then ventured further west to Henderson Nevada (Las Vegas area) to spend time with our younger daughter, Melanie. Our drive to Nevada was uneventful and enjoyable.

However, on our return to Denver there was a major rock slide in Glenwood Canyon closing the only 4 lane west-east route to Denver. A 20 ton rock had fallen some 100 feet making a huge crater in the roadway (picture). Fortunately by the time we got there, the rock had been dynamited and removed enough to open one lane. Whew! Wouldn't want to have been around when it fell!

Large rock after some dynamite and partial removal

All and all, it was great to see our family, get some time away, and escape some of the winter weather of Northern Michigan. Although, this winter was exceptionally uncharacteristic - very little snow and cold! Could it be global warming? Maybe... except for the East, the South and the West :o).


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